Base Oil (SN 500 , SN 150)

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SN 500

Premium Base Oil – The Foundation of Excellence in Lubrication! Our range of Base Oils (SN100,
SN150, SN300, SN500) is refined to perfection, offering unparalleled performance for lubricants. With
varying viscosities and superior purity, they form the ideal base for creating high-quality oils that
protect and enhance machinery performance. Choose the foundation that ensures your machinery
runs like a dream.



SN 150: A light-grade base oil used predominantly in the formulation of automotive lubricants,
industrial oils, and process oils. SN 150 is characterized by its good solvent properties, making it
suitable for a wide range of lubricant products requiring stable viscosity and thermal properties.
SN 500: A heavier grade base oil than SN 150, SN 500 is utilized in a broader spectrum of
lubricant production, including higher-viscosity applications. It offers excellent blend stability
and performance in extreme conditions, making it a preferred choice for heavy-duty engine oils
and industrial lubricants.



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    Base Oil (SN 500 , SN 150)

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